Daintree River, courtesy of Tourism Queensland
Daintree River, courtesy of Tourism Queensland
Daintree Discovery Centre, courtesy of Tourism Queensland
(Daintree Discovery Centre, courtesy of Tourism Queensland)


World heritage reef and rainforest come together along this section of the north coast of Australia. The mystical lowland rainforest found here is a rare survivor of 100 million years of climatic changes. The atmosphere of the Daintree and Cape Tribulation region is dense with an ancient mystique that leaves you feeling like the only person left on earth.

Ride the River Train
An opportunity exists to ride on the world's only floating River Train, and experience the natural beauty of the area first hand. The Daintree River Train and experienced guides will give you a unique perspective of the area and your appreciation of nature will grow by the minute.

Amazing wild life
The Daintree River abounds with wildlife and has become a bird watcher's haven. The area's most infamous inhabitants of all are the estuarine crocodiles which you might see sunning themselves or gliding through the water. You might also spot a tree snake curled high among the canopy or a tawny frog mouthed owl. Watch the foliage for the stunning elkhorns, bird's nest ferns, a variety of orchids and other tropical epiphytes that grow high up near the forest canopy.

Natural Paradise
Around 17,000 hectares between Daintree River and Cape Tribulation is declared National Park and much of the area is also World Heritage listed to ensure protection of the rainforests which have been evolving for the past 120 million years. Plants representing all stages of the evolution over the last 400 million years are found here.

The Daintree cable ferry
The only cable ferry in tropical Australia, the Daintree Ferry provides the southern access into the lowland Daintree Rainforest. This is your first taste of the unique nature of this very ancient region. An exciting variety of day trips to the region are available. But to truly understand this spectacular rainforest, stay and listen to the nightsounds.

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