Aerial view to Border, Hook and Whitsunday Island, courtesy of Tourism Queensland
(Aerial view to Border, Hook and Whitsunday Island, courtesy of Tourism Queensland)

Border Island

Border is a somewhat Y-shaped, rocky island (about 390 hectares) deeply embayed on its northern side by Cataran Bay and with plunging cliffs along its east side.

Moss-Trooper Peak - its highest point - rises 228 metres. Border Island is largely covered in eucalypt forest and woodland with emergent hoop pines and grassland on the eastern side. This is a great place for picking up a mooring and snorkelling its northern shelf or having lunch on its beautiful sandy spit.

Border Island is one of the outlying island that will truly reward your efforts for going there!

Depth: 6 - 9 metres
Bottom: Sand and coral
Cataran Bay is subject to bullets when the wind is over 20 knots. Border Island can be a delightful anchorage if the wind isn’t too brisk.

The fringing reef in Cataran Bay is well developed and good for snorkelling and scuba diving. A nice moderate bush walk to the highest peak provides awesome views of
Whitsunday Island, Haslewood Island, Hook Island and Whitehaven Beach.

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